Friday, May 11, 2007 

New Blog

I will probably post on this blog on occassion but I did set up a new blog for those interested. Take a look!

Monday, May 07, 2007 

It's Monday again

Today is a boring, windy day. I've accomplished very little. Shawn is in DC so I've slacked off and not worried too much about the house or plans for dinner. I'll catch up tomorrow!

The NASCAR race at RIR was rained out on Saturday night. Not fun. We got wet and it was cold. I thought this was May?! Where's the warm weather??!!! So several hundred dollars later, we didn't see a race and now we're broke.

I think I'm going to look for a new place to blog. Blogger has it's good qualities but something about it is boring. I think I might need a change. I'll be sure to post a link if I move elsewhere.

66 days until the new Harry Potter movie comes out! I doubt we'll see it right away, but it's still nice to keep the opening date in mind.

I'm bored beyond boredom. Must find something better to do.

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Friday, May 04, 2007 


I have an itch to blog. Something powerful is causing my fingers to punch the keys.

And yes, I know, it's been a long time.

Our family of five is doing well. We are busy as bees. The boys are doing great. B is in 2nd grade and C is finishing up preschool in 2 weeks. D is running everywhere, trying his best to keep up with his big brothers who he adores.

I'm hanging in there and trying not to let 3 little boys run my life. But it's hard!

I've been busy in the past year, busy posting on plenty of forums! That's a nice obsession to have. I currently run my own forum also. A shameless plug. Afterall, this is my blog and that is my forum.

We visited Disney in February. What a great time we had! I'm itching to go back. Desperately. I'm hoping we will take a 7 day cruise in the first part of 2009. That seems soooooo far away. But I'll keep my fingers crossed that the time will pass if not quickly, at least happily.

I'll try to post more often but I make no promises. I'm not even sure anyone reads my blog anymore! I mean, who WOULD after I've been MIA for so long.


Monday, March 20, 2006 

Is the suspense killing you?? :0)

I've kept you waiting long enough! Yes, he has arrived! I'll be brief with details and I'll make sure I post my birth story once I finally have time to type it up.

March 8 at 9:45 pm my water broke while sitting in bed. We arrived at the hospital around 11:00 and contractions were regular and close together. By 1:00 am I was ready to push.

Dawson Bane was born at 1:24 am (we think...LOL... more details later) after a very exciting birth. He's a whopper too!

10 pounds, 10 ounces and 21.5 inches long!

Labor was short and the delivery was great. I finally experienced going into labor on my own! Everything was 100% natural! I'm so happy!

It's been a wild ride since his arrival since my entire household has had colds and then a stomach virus. But Dawson is holding his own and doing well. He's a great little nursling and a beautiful baby. His big brothers are very proud and are watching his every move!

I'll update soon. Right now things are so hectic with all of these damn illnesses!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

It's March!

I finally feel like I can have this baby since I've made it to March! March 7 is next week! I cannot believe I'm due already.

Everything is going okay. I've been on modified bedrest since last week when my blood pressure was a little higher than what my midwife wanted. I had an appointment today and it was normal again.

So far no labor though. I was given the go ahead to try castor oil on Tuesday if I'm still pregnant. Blech. But if it'll keep me from being induced that would be great!!!

Hopefully next time I post I'll be posting about our new baby boy!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

14 days and counting!!!!!

Only 2 weeks left until my due date! March 7 is officially 14 days away. And I'm still not 100% ready!

I have a midwife appointment this morning. Just routine, nothing special. I'm hoping my blood pressure will be looking good again today. Last week it was much better than the previous weeks.

My belly growth seems to have slowed down a little but the baby is feeling really huge at this point. And best of all I've only gained about 16 or 17 pounds!!!!

I have a shower on Saturday, which I am really excited about, and I am pretty sure I'll be there to enjoy it. If I had to guess I'd say I'm going to make it until at least March 1. Maybe even go past my due date. However in the next 3 weeks I'll have a new baby! I've already decided I do not want to go past 41 weeks. Since I have bigger babies I'd rather not take the chance of going to the full 42 that my midwive's will allow. So by March 14 or 15 I'll have my new son to report about!

Keep watching for details!

Monday, February 13, 2006 

Thinking back

This is an edited little something I wrote in July of 2000. It was originally titled From the diary of a VERY Pregnant Lady -- Henricus Park. I can still feel the pain even today! It's not my best work of writing but it gets the job done... And it brings back so many memories!
Deep in the heart of Chesterfield County, lies a cute little park named Henricus that took my breath away.... literally.

My mother had seen a write up on the park in Southern Living magazine. Well, one day last summer, actually late August, my husband and I were trying to decide what to do for the day. He was off from work, and I was on maternity leave waiting on the arrival of our baby. I talked with my mother and she reminded me of Henricus. So we decided to venture there.

My husband was a little leary. He had fished at Dutch Gap, a place to put in your boat on the James River, many times and never remembered seeing anything remotely close to a park nearby. So he thought we would get there and be disappointed. The directions we were given to the park said that it was very close to Dutch Gap. Lo and behold... once we got to Henricus Park we immediately were surprised! There really was a park there!! We drove down this long paved driveway, through fields of hay... And found a quaint little building and lots of construction under way. They were in the process of building an addition to the place.

After looking in the gift shop and using the restroom (I was 9 months pregnant, thank you!), we headed out to walk the trail. It was a humid August day with lots of clouds and looked as if it would rain soon. We really enjoyed the trail. We looked at the beautiful little lake/pond they have there and enjoyed watching the ducks fly overhead. We also saw some muskrats which freaked me out because I didn't know what they were at first. We even took some pictures of my big belly with the pond in the background for memories later on in life. The first half hour we had no idea how many memories we would leave with...

Time passed and we continued to walk. The day was beautiful with just a bit of sun and the trail was nice and shady. The wind was blowing just enough to keep us cooled.

The trail was 4 miles long. My husband said he did not think I could make it that far, (I wanted to walk as much as I could so that I would possible urge my baby to hurry and be born!) being so pregnant and needing to go to the restroom every 15 minutes.... But I surprised him. The end of the trail was nearing and we were just passing the 3.5 mile marker. I was excited because I had to use the restroom so badly! But we still had a ways to go. We had looked at the map and could not really determine whether or not the trail took us directly back to the rest area. But we continued to walk knowing we would eventually get there. Then, a man rode by us on a bike. We stopped and asked him a question about the trail. He said, "Well, the trail ends up ahead another 1/2 mile or so. But then you have to turn around and go back." I was stunned. My jaw dropped. My eyes started to tear and I could feel the need to urinate get worse.... WHAT?? Please tell me he is joking!! :o(

He rode on by on his bike and we proceeded to turn around and walk back 3.5 miles. We took a look at the map we had picked up at the gift shop... 'IN THE FUTURE' a bridge will be built across the pond at the end of the trail, connecting the end of the trail to the beginning of the trail... But for now there is no bridge!! We would have had to swim across in order to get back to where we were parked.

The walk back was what I would imagine the walk into hell would be like. I was hot and miserable and wanted to die. The urge to pee was beyond able to describe! I am just glad I didn't go into labor!!

We started off that day not knowing I would be able to tell my future son that his momma had walked 7 miles with a full bladder trying to urge him out into the world!

To end this long but worthy story, I must say Henricus Park is a beautiful little place with lots of quiet, serene trees and water.... Just be sure and read the fine print on the park map!